What to Know About Brand Protection Software for Investigators

By scoutadmin - December 22, 2016

It’s open season for the world’s best-known, up-and-coming and most useful brands. 

According to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), there are multiple differentiating criteria that can make your brand’s IP highly coveted and eventually ripped off:

  1. Recognizable (in terms of the good and/or services marketed);
  2. Desirable (in terms of the quality and value of the goods and/or services offered);
  3. Credible (in terms of reliability); and
  4. Properly communicated (in terms of how the message is formulated and to whom it is targeted).

You’re Vulnerable Before the Brand has Been Established

Again, you don’t have to be Dolce and Gabbana, Nike or Apple to have your ideas stolen.

Everything is much faster in this modern world, and you really can’t be too early to seek brand protection.

Reports show that eager counterfeiters in China are poised to leverage ideas at breakneck speed, including taking great ideas from Kickstarter and making them a reality before idea-originators had a chance.

Are you Considering Brand Protection Software for your Investigators?

Whether your brand is recognized for it’s value halfway around the world or on the streets at home, it is difficult to track and process all the data associated with counterfeit activity.

The following are a number of qualities you’ll want to consider for your brand protection needs.

Simple to Configure for any Investigation

When you and your team is at capacity with their workload, the prospect of learning new software can seem like an unnecessary burden.

While it may be true that certain kinds of software is less than intuitive, some programs have come a very long way and is easily navigate for the average user.

Easy to Integrate Data

Do you have anxiety about spending hours on data entry? You don’t have to worry, because there are programs today that automatically integrates your digital data is on the market today.  

Assign Cases via Administrative Access

Head investigators or managers have the ability to assign as much or as little access to investigative participants and assign cases to team members anytime, anywhere. All open assignments and tasks listed by who’s assigned.

Stay Up-to-Date

Managers for an investigation may want a newsfeed -- or the latest actions taken on cases by specific team members -- for their brand protection software.

In fact, you may appreciate having a full history of actions, complete with time and user stamps. A full digest can prove extremely valuable for investigation managers.

Just Make Sure you Have the Features you Need  

In reality, there’s probably a very long list of needs and wishes you have for your investigatory workflows. Think about what would be most valuable for your team, and what would be excellent bonus features. You can cross-check your wishlist with software description to get the perfect fit.

Scout software has been created by industry leaders from various relevant walks of life: engineers, corporate leaders, nationwide insurance carriers, public sector workers and more.

For more guidelines on what you may need to protect your brand, additional material can yield a clearer picture.

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