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Whether you’re just getting started with investigations or trying to fine tune how your company defines its investigatory strategies, objectives, metrics, and executes them—Scout is positioned to help. We offer process and platform technical discovery workshops, advisory and implementation engagements, practiced investigation services, and on-demand support to help your organization achieve its objectives, faster.

Without Scout

Minimal visibility into investigation protocols

Live across multiple systems with no connectivity

Minimal assurance for proper chain of custody

Minimal business process automation

No flexibility to scale your enforcement strategy

With Scout

Professionalize how investigations are conducted

Develop standardized operating procedures 

Proactively leverage data to identify high-value leads

Easily assess brand, product, and market erosion risk

Scale your protection and investigation teams

engagements start at $50,000

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Here's how we identify your needs at-a-glance

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1. Identify Stakeholders

This process involves identifying and documenting all the stakeholders on the project, including their interests, impact, and potential negative influences.

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2. Capture Requirements

Whether functional, operational, technical, and/or transitional—all requirements are considered when building an investigation ecosystem.

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3. Outline Success Factors

We don't just gather requirements; we aim to understand the problem. Scout invests the proper time and team to understand the core problem definition.

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4. Tailor Your Environment

With Scout, brands now have the power and flexibility from their technology that complex investigations require to pivot how the system is structured.

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5. Install The Power of Scout

Scout platform provides the ideal decisioning foundation companies need to successfully achieve digital investigation transformation.

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6. Calibrate & Optimize

Leverage the vast amount of investigation data your organization absorbs and transform those streams into real time, actionable decisions.

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Powerful features built for experts

Digital Intake Forms & Alerts

Automate all potentially leading generating referral channels—including internal staff members.

Business Intelligence & Dashboarding

Scout grants immediate visibility into all Global Investigations data and reporting—pending, open, active, closed, etc.



Add Case Workstreams & Automation

Scout can assist enterprise legal teams with intaking and triaging investigations to their rightful working group.

Centralized Matter Tracking

With Scout, legal teams can quickly navigate through all investigative matters in the database through a centralized intake queue.

Case Link Association

Scout allows for the connection of spin-off cases and define, Major Case—Sub Case, relationships.

Data Quality Management

Streamline the accuracy of your data collection by structuring modules around each Enforcement function for prevention, detection, and response.

Case Audit Trail

Each case captures 100% of the activity on the investigation, autonomously. The audit trail cannot be altered by any user in any fashion.

Automated Team Assignment

Scout can allocate, assign, and notify specific resources to investigations. Each referral, both investigative and systematic, that is accepted is then assigned to the appropriate resource.

Dynamic Case Notes

Document the entire investigative process using the notes area on each case. Each comes equipped with the ability to title, attached files, and stylize. The system will date, time, and user stamp each entry.

Store All Case Files

With no file size or type limitation, global legal operations can house all pertinent documents, images, videos, and audio specific to a case.

Investigation Management

Manage your investigations from start to finish. With all of your projects in Scout, you’ll always know who’s doing what, by when.


Investigations .

Organize your investigations into shared assignments as lists, public queues, or private boards for your initiatives, assignments, and work.


Major Cases .

With Scout, you can now orchestrate organized and/or structured case relationships. Never lose sight of your high-value associated entities again.


Data Modules .

Group all pertinent investigation data into modules in any case to match workflows, break up types of disciplines, and keep your data operational organized.


Custom Fields .

Go beyond tasks, and track all investigative disciplines in Scout. Case status', types, and values are configurable for all unique case management pathing processes.


Cycle Time .

Measure and calculate the number of days that elapse from reporting of a control violation until investigation is completed and remediation steps/control changes are developed.


Tasks & Assignments .

Break investigative assignments into manageable pieces for you and your team. With Scout, you can automate how investigative work is distributed.


Subcases .

Scout allows end-users to connect cases for those entities, businesses, and people promoting common interest to carry out crimes against your organization.


Task Assignees .

Give all investigative cases, assignments, and tasks a clear owner, so everyone knows who has ownership of the case, along with ancillary roles.


Due Dates & Times .

Specify the date and time personal reminders, tasks, and events are so everyone’s working off the same deadline—no matter their time zone.


Status & Approvals .

Streamline and clarify your approvals process to make sure everyone knows what work needs to be approved, when, and how throughout the case lifecycle.

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Views and Reporting

Easily know where cases stand and see what’s happening across your entire organization with reporting capabilities.


Case Assignments .

Get a real-time overview of how busy team members are across investigation assignments, and rebalance work to keep case workload on track.

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Dashboards .

Get real-time investigation data in one place. Customize public and private dashboard views to see where work may be blocked, off track, problem entities, etc..


White-Label Branding .

White-label Scout with your organizations branding guidelines to build brand credibility, strengthen your end-user experience, and make Scout apart of your tech stack.


Calendar View .

See any list of tasks on a Calendar to get a clear view of when assignments, tasks, and personal reminders are due. Integrate Scout with your outlook and google calendar.

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Case & Module View .

Monitor the status of all your investigations in real time, so you can keep initiatives on track, report updates to your team, and progress investigations to disposition.


Files View .

Find the case files you need quickly in a gallery view with all of the corresponding attachments, evidence, and supporting documentation needed.


Advanced Search .

Run reports based on specific criteria that’s most important to your team. Save your reports to see work across investigations, assignees, custom fields and more.


Case Export .

Export all reports, module views, and cvaselist views to CSV and JSON if you want to slice and dice your own data. Scheduling your report exports out of Scout

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Advanced Features

Complex loss investigations require state-of-the-art features and functionalities in order to effectuate accurate, assured outcomes.


Case Calculations .

Scout has its immense purposeful applications. Scout's advanced-level arithmetic functions are designed to allow for even the most complex calculations to occur.


Case Report Builder .

Automate the process of constructing evidentiary based reports, in order to conceal the lifecycle of your investigation results and outcomes.

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Resource Builder .

Scout allows for in-application data access and integration with any format of open-source data. Resource builder boosts the method of automating mapped data into a case.


Classification Rules Engine .

Classification rules makes it easy to highlight certain values or make particular rules easy to identify. This changes the appearance of a cell range based on a condition.


Data Import Tools .

Ingest all pertinent data structures into existing case files, or to create new records. Seamlessly map 100% of your records into their appropriate Scout data locations.


Watchlist .

Maintain continuous monitoring into entities, individuals, and/or products that have a high probability to be fraudsters, based on historical own data and/or external data.

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Linked Case Criteria .

End-users may select data-driven criteria groups to suggest potential relationships from one investigation to another, aimed to identify similarities in suspect behavior.


Dependency Rules Engine .

Dependent Dropdown fields allow for the child values in a series to be hidden until a parent selection is made. This drives an optimized, conditional experience for data selection.

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Complex loss investigations made clear. 



The best place to start is for us to connect you with a Scout expert.



After we learn about your needs, we'll provide a customize demo.



Upon partnership with Scout, you'll be in the company of worldwide innovation.

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