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No brand – or business, for that matter – is immune from the risk of lost profits from counterfeiters. In fashion alone, counterfeit goods cost brands $28.5 billion USD per year in profits. 

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Scout has enabled our team to work more efficiently by providing a central repository for lead and case management, establishing a collaborative, impactful environment.

Ken Feldman Director, Global Brand Protection

Scout creates the perfect environment for our staff and our vendors to effectively manage investigations and report on performance.

Kimberly Beaudreau Vice President, Group Risk Management

Scout and FākR have given us the tools to engage all of our teams across the globe.

Charles Olschanski Senior Director, Investigation Services

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Scout defines how your organization centralizes investigative data.

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Brand Protection

Value the trust your customers place in your brand.

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Insurance Fraud

Automate claims processes to increase profitability.

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Occupational Health & Safety

Globalize your organinzations supply chain investigations.

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Medical Fraud & Abuse

Commmit to detecting, correcting, and preventing fraud, waste, and abuse.

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Government Fraud

Assess government fraud cases in a collaborative and organized environment.

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Financial Fraud

Enable investigators to assess complex financial fraud information.

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Forensic Fire Investigation

Manage police, fire, arson and bomb investigations in one repository.

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Police & Public Safety

Manage police, fire, arson and bomb investigations in one repository.

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Mobilize how counterfeit leads are reported.


Expand and improve potential counterfeit lead generation.

Fakr is an anti-counterfeit technology program that works in conjunction with Scout Case Management System.

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