How It Works

Enhanced to ensure Scout can hit all of your needs.

Customizable Dashboard


Company-Wide or Personal

Scout users can personalize and dictate what their world should look like as soon as they log in to Scout. Need to save a Company default dashboard view? Scout has you covered. 

Each custom widget is based on reports generated from Scout's embedded report builder. This means all of your custom reports can now be visually driven to properly communicate your organization's investigative findings.

Centralized Intake Queue


Organize Your Triage Process

Each user has the ability to organize their workload at a personal level with our investigation case management. Users may choose columns they want to be displayed and may sort the list by clicking on a column heading.

Extensive filtering options allow users to group, view, and count cases based on chosen criteria. Fuzzy, partial and exact match search functionality allows users to look for duplicate data and find cases efficiently.

Case Details


The Devil Is In The Details

Configure Scout to meet your data collection  needs in minutes! Capture information most pertinent to your organization's investigations and incidents by building your own detailed modules. Customize by identifying, naming and classifying input fields, dropdown lists, radio button options and more. 

Automated Audit Trail


Case History

Scout captures all case-level activity in a separate, easy-to-read timeline. Review actions on reopened cases, new assignments, edited case detail information--any historical changes in the case or incident. Promote collaboration by allowing all involved parties in the investigation to know what has been done a case.

With Scout, cases and/or incidents are always in a legal hold to benefit the integrity of the data and to ensure the strength of the matter. 

Team Collaboration


Assign Your Team 

The power of your team is a button click away. Grant access and visibility to cases or incidents by assigning team members, vendors, clients, subject matter experts and more. Know who's working the case at all times. 

Actions, Tasks, and Personal Reminders


Embedded Actions and Calendar

With the ability to assign tasks, create events and record outcomes in Scout, cases & incidents never slip through the cracks. Integrate all of your actions with your business calendar or utilize the embedded Scout calendar functionality. Gone are the days of being unsure who to assign in mission-critical situations and circumstances. 

House All Notes 


Diary All Of Your Findings

In Scout, you can store reports from the field, case updates and other case/incident-related communications in blog-like format. Every entry comes equipped with time, date, and user stamping. Users may send emails into and out of the environment for streamlined communication. Rich text formatting allows each user to stylize the note for optimized organization and classification. 

Capture Every File


No Size or Type Limit

Store relevant media in your case file--documents, photos, video clips, audio, folder structures and more. Users may send emails with attachments or embedded images into files. User may also generate secure shared links for others to download desired file(s) directly from Scout's investigation case management system.

Detailed Case Report


"One Click" Away

Scout's investigation case management system will autonomously pull the case and/or incident data straight from the case itself. Do you have a desired case report structure or format? You're only one click away from generating a detailed report. This function saves Scout users exponential time and effort in their daily routines. Case reports can be downloaded as a Word .doc or as a .pdf document.