The True Purpose of Fraud Case Management Software

By scoutadmin - March 08, 2017

Exposing fraud and fighting off bad guys are two main reasons to enlist case management software. While those are certainly reasons for using software, there’s much more to be gained – from the team and otherwise.

The true purpose can be a little bit harder to see sometimes. A few main drivers for software are a clear augmentation of productivity and resources that drives purpose and ROI for a business. This opens the door for quantifying brand protection in your company. And that, friend, can make or break your business in and of itself.

Brand Protection: A Continuous Battle

Much like companies that are in constant combat against counterfeiters, a comparable battle is being fought to maintain the image and reputation of their brands.

This isn’t something you just “put to bed”– in fact, more and more organizations are coming out about the struggle they face with counterfeiters and the impact it has on their business.

A fraudulent product can instantly besmirch even the most reputable brand names; no one is immune. From money to power adapters, counterfeiters are out to make a quick buck and profit off of fake products – all at the detriment to the consumer.

Counterfeit and fraudulent products are a global issue, and affect the entire world economy. Studies conducted by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) entitled The Economic Impact of Counterfeiting and Piracy shows that between 2007-2016, global trade of counterfeit goods has increased from 1.9%-2.5% of world trade.

Where Software’s True Purpose Comes in

Implementing software won’t fix your problems overnight, and it won’t reduce the number of people who will try to make a fraud phony knockoff of your product. What it will do, though, is create a due process of how you address these cases in your business.

Where data was once contained in lifeless spreadsheets can now be translated into actionable intelligence. You no longer have to follow a paper trail or wonder where that paper or report went. It’s all in one place with software.

Some other noteworthy positives include:

  • An isolated repository perfect for auditing and compliance
  • Streamlined workflows for desired messages and systems
  • Real-time updates; no need for exhausting upgrades that pause business
  • Permission-based access, so no one can see information they shouldn’t
  • A collaborative web-based system for posting pictures and notes to the team
  • Ability to log in and use from any device or place
  • Capability to generate reports in minutes

You now have a way to truly quantify everything you and the team accomplish for investigations. The real purpose of implementing fraud case management software is in the added productivity and peace of mind it brings with it.

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