Little Known Ways to Take Advantage of Investigative Software

By scoutadmin - February 23, 2017

The evolution of software as a service (SaaS) has changed dramatically over the last decade for all industries. Software solutions of today have the capability of fast deployment, no on-premise hardware and all the versatility of a custom-built solution.

This especially comes in handy for investigative software because of the agility needed by private investigators, law enforcement and government officials to house important documents securely in a central repository.To help you truly capitalize on the available solutions, we’ve compiled this post. Let’s dive in:

Data-Driven Intelligence

One of the most important key aspects of presenting a new investment solution is to prove without a shadow of a doubt that it will provide the KPIs needed to make data-driven decisions.

Stakeholders and/or board members will remain noncommittal toward any expense that won’t move the needle and tie back into a business’s bottom line – period.

Fortunately, nowadays investigative software is able to accomplish this seamlessly– no shadowy doubts included. It’s able to ensure collaboration so you can stay organized, as well as where a case stands at all times, and who’s worked on selected cases.

You can generate other useful reports such as:

  • Extensive filtering options for case lists
  • Compliance reports for auditing purposes
  • Comprehensive case reports
  • Customized detail forms based on your organization’s needs
  • A digest of who did what on which cases
  • Performance reports, so you can see where productivity is lacking

Know what to look for with our Case Management Software Checklist

This versatility allows for you to maximize the capability of your investigative software. It’s a win-win for any organization seeking to crack down on their case management.

Automation is Time Saved

Did you know most solutions out there pull data and custom reports from your existing information? This means you eliminate the time taken to re-input information you already know. Say goodbye to mindless data entry or filling out form fields for the sake of a report or a document.

Many aren’t aware of the massive amounts of time saved for an organization long-term by using this baked-in capability. After all, a penny saved is a penny earned– and time is money in the eyes of any business.

Workflow Customization

Regardless if your organization is 3 people or 3,000, effective and savvy software can accommodate the workflow needs quickly. By enlisting extensive Company Admin configurability, you can dictate who sees what, create case classification rules, and set user permissions.

You’re no longer bound to a cookie-cutter software– you can bend it to your will, and your needs as an organization.

Rapid Deployment

With web-based software, there’s no need for in-house hardware or deployment. Having a third party host your solution is still a relatively new concept, but with the cloud continually on the rise, it’s becoming the new standard for cost-effective business.

Not relying on in-house IT or specialists to install anything onto computers company-wide saves labor costs, and is a surefire way to take full advantage of a software solution.

Never Lose Data Again

Imagine being able to bounce back from a flood or power surge almost immediately without ever losing user information or progress. That’s the beauty of software.

While there will be a backlash after a natural disaster or other unforeseen issue, having that peace of mind that your data’s safe should speak volumes to anyone who’s had to restore backup files from hard drives or sift through storage unit file cabinets.

Transferring from your existing solution to another is a piece of cake! To find out how you can truly capitalize on investigative software, feel free to look at our Case Management Software Checklist so you can make the most educated decision before buying.

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