How Technology Improves Occupational Health and Safety Initiatives

By Evan McClintock - February 26, 2019

How Technology Improves Safety Initiatives
Boost the health of your organization with a digital safety solution

The world has implemented levels of technology in almost everything we do. It connects us, keeps us on track, assists us with direction, and streamlines the information we need to perform daily operations. How has that framework changed the way companies drive their safety program? Digital solutions have provided an ecosystem for companies to record, manage, and prevent safety incidents in real time. It has become the backbone of operations, reducing the time safety professionals spend on analysis and reporting so they can get back to the field and do what they do best.

Here is a look at Scout's current Occupational Health and Safety Solutions

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Digital Safety Ecosystems
The solution is a combination of a mobile application, software, and additional digital resources that work in conjunction to provide a full-service experience. Giving every employee the ability to report on things they can’t report on today through a mobile application provides a two-way communication channel for the business and employee. This portal is a seamless process of information flow from the field to the platform in real time. This cuts out duplicate input processes and provides complete audibility being time and date stamped. It also expands on documentation abilities by taking pictures, videos, and attaching additional information to the incident submission in one action. When this submission hits the platform, upper management can respond accordingly. The employee can also submit on cultural related observations, giving the firm insight into the health of the organization. This is important today considering many firms are culturally driven.
When the platform collects data, it can perform predictive analytics, pinpointing incident trends that can steer the training department into the right direction. One of the most important benefits of implementing a digital ecosystem is the enhanced communication between the safety and training departments. It allows for collaboration within the platform to maximize both department’s efforts. The goal is to accurately predict a future incident so preventative action can be taken by either a physical correction in the field or a training session outlining that concern.
When implemented correctly, this technology can have a dramatic positive effect on the company globally. When a company is more in tune with safety risks and employee culture, a more defined action can be taken to navigate through incidents and potential concerns.

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