Occupational Health & Safety

Seamlessly manage and track all safety and training related incidents in one central repository.


Something Powerful

Reduce Risk On The Job Site

The construction industry is one of the most dangerous markets to work in. According to recent findings by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the common construction worker has the #12 most dangerous job with the exposure to job site hazards that cause thousands of fatalities each year.

With Scout, general contractors and sub-contractors alike have the ability to reduce risk and mitigate job-site incidents all while simultaneously improving the organization's incident data collection and workflow.


  • Digitize the health and safety ecosystem by implementing Scout's incident management platform
  • Streamline the process in which incidents are reported through use of mobile applications, progressive web submission forms, and desktop intake forms
  • Provide a completely transparent audit trail from the time an incident occurs, up to the time of reporting 
  • Use real time data to pinpoint and solve incident related issues across the organization
  • Identify trends through data analysis to assist with delivering effective training opportunities for your team
  • Unify project and incident matters by uniquely defining universal commonalities  

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