8 Questions You Should Ask About a Police Case Management System

By scoutadmin - January 26, 2017

If it’s finally time to upgrade a police case management system, then you’re probably already armed with a number of concerns.

The following are a number of questions addressed, as well as some you may not have considered. Today’s police case management software offers a multitude of possibilities.

The great thing about a system upgrade is that it may include features you didn’t know were available.

#1: How will the police case management system streamline my workflow?

The right police case management software has the ability to provide and end-to-end solution for any kind of caseload. The appropriate software for your needs can serve as your organization’s hub for all things casework.

Competent software should be your go-to place for all and any updates, streamlining processes for your team.

#2: At what point in my workflow can I apply the software?

The software is applicable for any and all phases of an investigation. It can also be used to manage as many cases as you may have on your plate, so managers can dexterously switch investigations and tasks as needs and convenience demands. Your new system is not any one part of a workflow so much as an outline of an entire workflow.

#3: Can I tailor it to my kind of investigative process?

No two brains are exactly alike. And, different investigative processes often call for distinctly different configurations. At the same time, good investigation software should be applicable across a variety of uses.

The basic principles for good investigation management are universal. Scout case management software is developed by leaders in several areas of investigations alongside engineers with years of experience building enterprise databases.

#4: Does the software have any problems with integrating data?

In past years, data entry was a major job category. While not all data fields are easily transferable or compatible today, our software automatically integrates your current data to where it needs to go.

If you’ve ever done any data entry work in the past, you know how tedious and time-consuming it can be. You won’t have to worry about with Scout.

#5: How technically adept do I have to be?

If you can use a computer, you can use our software. You may be used to an older program, and maybe that’s what you’re comfortable with.

However, progress in today’s software development means new incarnations are much more intuitive -- at least that’s the case with Scout’s investigation system.

#6: How will police case management software help me for trial?

Of course, the more organized you are, the better you can make your case. Documentation and reports for a case demands organization for a convincing case.

An organized report means providing a logical, reason-based argument and sequence of events.  Effective software also makes your workflow more efficient, which gives you more time.

#7: Can it improve my clearance rates?

If you work with police cases, you likely have multiple cases. That means you want to get these things processed and completed as fast as possible. Improved workflow, better organization and efficiency provides an environment for higher clearance rates.

#8: To what extent can I manage my team on the software?

Investigative managers can give as much or as little accessibility to team members as they wish. You can know who’s working on what at any time. You won’t need extraneous emails, text messages or phone calls. All open assignments and tasks listed by who’s assigned.

Our software enables smart investigation case management. Contact us at your convenience to take your police case management system to the next level.

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