Police & Law Enforcement Case Management

Law Enforcement Case Managers

Police Case Management SoftwarePolice case management software from Scout can be used by law enforcement agencies worldwide. Not only can they analyze crime cases but provide an end to end solution. Police case managers can follow a workflow, record and manage incidents and documents, build case data, research and analyze related cases. The law enforcement case management system is flexible enough to accommodate different organizational structures. Permission-based access allows case managers, investigators, claims handlers and auditors to communicate and stay organized. Read on to learn more about our police case management software.

Police Case Management Software

Homicides, aggravated assaults, and other violent crimes had the highest clearance rates in 2014. Your clearance rates could improve with the help of a tool like Scout CMS. Here are some of the many benefits you can gain from this program:

  • Manage more investigations with the same number of resources
  • Track investigation activity 24/7 from anywhere
  • Prepare for trial
  • Collaborate with many parties and resources
  • No need for an “IT guy” – we’re here to support you
  • Organize evidence, reports, and events

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