Why You Need Better Case Database Management

By scoutadmin - February 22, 2017

What’s the health of your case database? Do you have a granular view of who’s in your system, what their permissions are as well as the status of the case itself?

If not, you might as well be spinning your wheels in a mud pit.

Database management is all about making tasks easy for users – and doing so properly can streamline your workflow and provide actionable analytics to the right people. Let’s dive into the ‘why,’ of case management, and reasons you need the best of the best.

The ‘Why’ of Case Database Management

In the matter of an open case, you need answers fast. Not only that, but you also need a logical user path of who’s touched a case and inputted resources and necessary files.

Not having this data is detrimental to bottom line, and ultimately, it impacts your team’s validity and their accomplishments.

All in all, you can’t afford not to have effective database management.

Databases are modeled after how we process and store information in our own minds. It’s a central repository of information everyone has access to in order to increase efficiency and drive productivity.

Need a coworker’s email? Eliminate that step by having a contact list, or providing the capability to message them within your software or solution. Need to see the history of actions attributed to a specific case? Pull it directly from reporting immediately based on your requested criteria. It really can be that simple.

Put the power in the hands of your team members, and you’ll see the results.

What Makes Great Database Management

Managing your database and taking charge is comprised of a few noteworthy parts. These solutions are baked right into a proper software or other database management solution. These include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Having a software or managed/hosted solution to store your data
  • Automation, which saves you time and frees up your team members to do more high-level tasks
  • Reduce administrative time hopping between systems
  • Easily digestible information for an end-user
  • Access for multiple users simultaneously for maximum productivity
  • Eliminate the need for internal infrastructure and hardware
  • Use across multiple devices and on-the-go
  • Gather active intelligence from your data and analytics
  • Real-time updates, without the need for purchasing an upgrade

All in all, by making the investment for better database management, you’re opening up time for your team members to perform other, more directly productive (and possibly revenue-generating) activities for the business.

What You Can Do

It’s easy to say you need all of these things as a Brand Protection Manager or government official, but how to actually push it through as a valued asset to the business is a common obstacle.

The first thing is to evaluate what’s out there to help you and look into how the decided-upon database management solution will help your organization.

Will it help your private investigators gather active intelligence quicker? Will you be able to gather a return on investment by having everything separate and easily auditable?

It’s never too late, no matter what your business model.

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