Why Investigative Software Leads to More Sleep at Night

By scoutadmin - April 03, 2017

Everyone wants to get more sleep without worrying about the repercussions of a stressful work day. There’s a lot to be said about being able to leave work at work, and turn off your mind to the troubles of the 9-5 grind.

This can mean different things in different industries, but many of the issues floating in our heads at night circulate around whether we missed something, or itemizing everything we need to get done the next day. Worry not, for fraud and counterfeit products have a technological companion that can put your mind at ease: investigative software. Why? For a variety of reasons:

Data in Real-Time

Gone are the days where you generate reports without access and timely feedback. With appropriate permission control, you can, as an administrator, dictate what team members are able to see what data in an associated case.

This doesn’t take time to “propagate;” rather, you can get real-time notes from any team members who have made updates or uploaded pictures to an associated file.

You can also create reports on collective case status, automatically assign cases, get a customized news feed of who did what on what cases with appropriate time stamps, and more.

Personal Reminders & Calendar

With investigative software, you have the capability to assign tasks, create events and record outcomes, as well as set personal reminders in a calendar. On a shared calendar, you’ll always know what the team is up to.

Rather than having to hop between software, you’ll get access to it all in one place.

Configurability & Agility

With today’s advancements and the right software solution, you have the power to customize what you need in almost any way. For example, you have the configuration capabilities run compliance, state and performance reports in minutes to see areas of improvement, as well as ROI.

It’s this sense of agility that has given many businesses the upper hand in closing out cases and working at a higher level, and provides the peace of mind necessary to catch more zzz’s. It also provides a competitive advantage for your team – to give them a leg up to be more agile and efficient.

Data Importing & Integration

If there’s a worry or concern about your existing data, don’t! Transferring to another software solution is seamless, and all of your information can come with it in less time than you think.

No need to re-input existing information manually – from Excel spreadsheets, MySQL databases, and other formats, you’re able to integrate with whatever solution you want easily.

Getting More Sleep

Getting more sleep is important – and having the right software can be the key to accomplishing this. With the right combination of resources and agile investigative software, you can make a quantifiable difference in your organization and not worry about the little things; data and otherwise.

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