Top Anti Counterfeiting Technology Solutions to Protect Your Business

By scoutadmin - October 20, 2016


In recent years, we’ve become accustomed to astronomically high figures prominently featured in news headlines involving our national debt, economic trends and more.

Here’s another ridiculously high number: $1.77 trillion. That’s the estimated value of cross-border trade in counterfeit and pirated physical goods, according to the Internal Anti Counterfeiting Coalition. Wider usage of anti-piracy technology would have significantly lessened that number.

Contextualizing 13-digit Figures

Given the enormity of the figure, getting a dependable number of black- and grey-market goods takes plenty of time (thus the above estimate is from 2009). As if $1.77 trillion weren’t enough, the actual sum value of pirated goods could be significantly higher.

And, when you factor in non-physical intellectual property, billions and billions more can be imagined heaped on top of that! We may never pinpoint an exact number value of counterfeited intellectual property, but it’s somewhere in the multiples of trillions of dollars.

Is There a Technological Anti Counterfeiting Solution?

Say you are walking through a flea market and you see a product that looks suspiciously like a knock-off -- what would you do if you were an:

  • Employee
  • Designated vendor
  • Supplier
  • Subcontractor

…or the CEO of a brand or product and you were already concerned about piracy of your intellectual property? There must be some association or governing body to report such street-level piracy issues, right?

You could try your luck finding some course of action by tapping in a Google search, or you could make an actual difference.

FākR, in coordination with Scout anti counterfeiting technology, puts the power of reporting pirated goods in your hands, in the form of an app.   

Making an Actual Difference

A number of high-level organizations rely on Scout’s software as the backbone of their audits and investigations. Any member of a team who is registered for a specific brand can be utilized to generate leads.

What are “Pirateers?”

Registries can handily share pics of ripped-off property, share helpful details regarding suspected pirateers  those who profiteer from piracy – and help investigators easily organize a case.

Entities we help tend to be government agencies, national insurance carriers, corporate start-ups and more.

As a web-based portal that can be accessed anywhere at anytime by members of the allotted group, FākR and Scout helps protect your IP on the street and online, providing a centralized database to make sense of all relevant info.

Don’t be Another Stat Among the Stolen Trillions

It’s almost a rule of nature -- along with the good almost always comes the bad. Online platforms and the pedestrian portable tech of recent years has offered exponential business opportunities.

But with that increased space for legitimate business comes more space for pirateers, too. Can’t we leverage tech for a net gain than a net loss?

Putting Technology Into Action for You

With our anti counterfeiting technology, you can have more of the good than the bad as the opportunities of today continue to evolve.

Our tech gives users notifications, reminders, alerts and the ability to apply an immediate response against those who wish to profit from your hard-earned creativity.

We also feature additional services that simplify and our protective services for your brand(s). Click here to learn more.


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