The Reason Web-Based Case Management Software Wins

By scoutadmin - February 17, 2017

When you think of traditional software, what comes to mind? You probably recall the arduous process of a CD-rom, when you had to insert and download it on your computer and wait hours for the process to complete.

There’s lots of initial heavy lifting, setting preferences, saving everything to an external hard drive and overall setup. All this adds up to a huge and insurmountable headache.

Stop right there – and leave your preconceived notions at the door. Why? Because everything cumbersome you associate with software has not only been improved upon – it’s been perfected. Welcome to web-based case management software.

What’s the Difference?

Perhaps the biggest reason we advocate web-based software from a technological standpoint is its ability to be both agile and flexible no matter what your business needs are.

You don’t have to wait on updates because they’re conducted automatically (think like iTunes or Windows 10).

Some other instrumental differences from the past include:

    • Quick deployment - going from your existing solution or transferring your data into a web-based software is simple, and is taken care of for you
    • Real-time data - no need to email files back and forth and wonder which is the most updated version
    • Security - you can rest assured your data is protected with surveillance and top-of-the-line security protocol and firewalls
    • Constant upgrades - unlike static versions of software, web-based means it’s constantly maturing, updating and getting new features
    • Integration - everything you need talks to each other
    • Permission-based access - you can handle which users see what without the need for a developer
    • No installation necessary - eliminate the need to have a physical copy of the software, or buy a new version when it comes out
    • Ease of use - rather than having an on-premise solution, having something hosted means a higher adoption and success rate
    • Never lose data again - everything’s backed up for you, so there’s no worry about a natural disaster or power surge affecting your ability to do business

Making it Work for You

With a web-based interface, there’s no longer a need for a one-size-fits-all package. The designated portal and software is customized to fit your business’s needs, and can evolve over time to adapt to any changes.

No more catastrophes about lost data that was only available on one computer. No more disadvantages from not having the latest tech. No more being chained to your office.

Everything you need can be accessed directly from your browser. No costly infrastructure fees, upfront licensing fees or annual maintenance required

Taking Charge of Your Solution

Despite all of the benefits to web-based software, the decision is ultimately up to you. To help you understand what you should look for, we’ve developed a case management software checklist. Feel free to click below to download.

Have any other questions for us? We’re an open book – reach out to us now.

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