How to Use PI Case Management Software Like a Boss

By scoutadmin - December 15, 2016

If private investigator (PI) case management software is still a question in your everyday workflow, and not yet a solution, then you may be dealing with unnecessarily extended case completion rates.

Why? Let’s say you’re just starting out in your PI venture and it’s slow-going for a while. What’s involved includes:

  • Various documents
  • Client instructions
  • Case notes
  • A long list of important tasks

The most important case is the one you’re working on now. You have the choice to get accustomed to a highly efficient and streamlined process in handling your data, or start out in an old-school and time-consuming processes.

PI case management software acts as a central hub for all of your case information that may cut the rate of completion of your cases in half.

Just one case can yield several leads which may evolve into other cases. Now, take all of those documents, instructions, notes and tasks and times it by two, three or more.

The faster you can work cases to their completion, the faster you may come upon such leads and grow your PI business.

For those who’ve established their PI credentials but haven’t taken the step for digital software, think about your highest capacity for a caseload. Intuitive, easy-to-use software has the potential to increase that capacity farther than you may’ve imagined.

What You’re Missing Without Effective PI Case Management Software

You may have your process for getting things done well-established, but what may be lacking from your PI operation without management software includes

  • Marketing
  • Being updated on industry trends
  • A polished, professional image
  • Having same tech advantage as competitors

Using Case Management Software Like a Boss 

Some prospective clients that may prove extremely profitable may want to have a number of conditions on case(s). PI software allows you to answer in the affirmative if a major client wants the ability to

  • Assign you a case by going online
  • Send data that is totally confidential and with security measures in place
  • A high level of transparency while working a case

Having the tech advantage enables clients to get a clearer and fuller idea of the value of services you’re delivering to them throughout the investigation process. In today’s marketplace, more are expecting transparency and insight into services.

Scalability: Like a Boss…

Scalability – PI operations often need to be flexible. As mentioned earlier, multiple leads can quickly transform into cases. Are you ready for a drastic uptick in caseloads, earned from your hard work?

Flexibility: Like a Boss...

Fits all sizes of operations – whether you need software for a small, independent PI firm, or you’re coming from a large corporation, or you’re working within a partnership of large and small entities, the best software can meet your needs.

You’ll have the ability to customize your priorities within an intuitive framework.

Organization: Like a Boss…

Organize – What cases do you have? Who is doing what, and when? What are the next steps, and when are they scheduled? Have those questions answered before your client or team teams ask.

Today, it’s tough to respond to clients that you do not have certain capabilities that tend to be available as technology continues to change the landscape for so many industries.

For more on how to use PI case management software (like a boss) click here.

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