5 Signs You Should Invest in Case Management Software

By scoutadmin - October 04, 2016

Like a bewildered detective in a mystery novel, following and explaining the plot of an investigation can be a difficult task. Of course, detectives aren’t the only professionals handling volumes of data for multiple caseloads.

Other kinds of investigators pursue cases in industries including healthcare, finance, government agencies and anyone dealing with copyrighted intellectual material.

Fortunately, today we have help for investigations of all varieties with cutting-edge case management software, which curates the entire lifecycle of an investigation.

While an abundance of resources and information can make a compelling case, an investigation may not be going as well as it should be without the proper organization.

The following questions should be easy to answer:

  • Is your data placed where it needs to be during the course of an investigation?
  • Does your team know who is doing what, and when?
  • Is each member using their time in the best way, troubleshooting the issues in the right sequence?
  • Do you have a way to prevent redundant tasks?

A recent study found fewer than 20 percent of IT professionals report that they are effective at pinpointing where they can add the most value for their team. Case management software can help individual investigators target areas that need to be addressed.

The following are signs that you may be ready for case management software:

Your Specialists are Working on Multiple and Random Projects

An investigative team may include claims adjusters, HR specialists, accountants, customer service managers, counselors, attorneys, underwriters, project managers, vendors and more. Often referred to as “knowledge workers,” they are tasked with discretionary decision-making based on their specialty.

If the team is not orchestrated well, it may be apparent in the workflow. Are some bogged down with random errands? If everyone is not pulling in the same direction, and in a timely manner, it may be time for case management software.

Important Bits of Case Info Remain Decentralized

Multiple files, folders, spreadsheets, hard drives, emails and more – scattered data may lead to scattered casework. When the information gathering is going well, where is it all placed?

If it’s not all collated on a central database, team members may forget to include important documents, or simply forget where it is. And, individual team members may duplicate work if tasks are not centrally assigned.  

You’re Having Trouble Communicating with Customers/Clients

Often, investigations involve folks outside of your organization, such as vendors, clients or customers. How you communicate with these parties can speak volumes toward your organization’s reputation.

Poorly organized information gathering not only hinders investigative progress, it also makes it that much harder to communicate effectively with any outside parties who may be affected. Effective case management software enables better service and faster resolution.

Compliance with Industry Regulations Invokes Undue Stress

For organizations that have to contend with bureaucracy or heavy regulations, documentation showing a trail of actions and sensible data narration can streamline and ultimately minimize hassle.

Sensible case management software can drastically improve visibility for regulators and external and internal auditors. Greater transparency may minimize the potential for fines and fees instigated by missing information.

There are Gaps in the Company’s Workflow

Are there certain gaps when managing content and information in your organization’s line-of-business workflow systems? That could be an inability to access certain documents or other notes while working within the main application.

If employees have to switch among multiple systems on a regular basis, the accumulation of time wasted in doing so could add up quite a bit over an extended period.

Gaps in the workflow may also hinder important insights and connections which specialists may otherwise make with a unified software system.  

Are any of these signs familiar? If your case management workflow is cobbled together on multiple formats and software, an investment in a unified system with intuitive features can save your team money, time and headaches.

Still not sure how greater transparency and ease of access can help your investigations? See for yourself how much you may benefit by requesting a demo today!


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