Special Investigation Unit (SIU)

Automate your tasks, integrate your data & manage your underwriting investigations.


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Special Investigation Unit (SIU)

Scout was designed for and by leading Special Investigation Unit Managers. The SIU case management solution is flexible enough to accommodate many different SIU structures. Scout enables SIUs to investigate more claims in less time, improving the bottom line and customer satisfaction.

By integrating Scout with your claims and/or analytics system, you will automate the referral process to your department. Also, you’ll gain better oversight of the life cycle of investigations. This will serve as a platform and processes for internal investigators and vendors. Scout SIU case management has robust business reporting capabilities that reduce the time to compile state and compliance reports, performance reviews and impact measurements. You need a tool that will help you stay ahead of the crowd - Scout can help!


  • Accurately resolve more claims investigations
  • No need to rely on your IT department – we’re here to support your SIU and make sure your information is secure
  • Reduce the negative financial impact resulting from paying out false claims
  • SIU case management software improves claim payment accuracy
  • Reduce emails, phone calls, faxes, sticky notes, and administrative tasks

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