Medical Fraud and Abuse

Implement an end-to-end solution to combat healthcare fraud and abuse.


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Medical Case Management Software

Scout healthcare fraud software helps build healthcare fraud Cases for medical facilities. The world’s largest healthcare agencies and organizations are using Scout’s proprietary medical case management software to tackle their healthcare fraud and abuse cases. Not only does Scout analyze healthcare fraud cases, but it also provides an end-to-end solution for each and every member in the investigation and discovery chain. This allows case managers to record and manage incidents and documents, analyze case data, uncover related fraudulent cases and more. The healthcare fraud tracking system is flexible and accommodates many different organizational structures. Permission-based access allows case managers, investigators, and auditors to communicate and stay organized while keeping sensitive information secure.


  • No need to rely on your IT department – we’re here to support you and make sure your information is secure
  • Real-time customized reporting
  • Reduce emails, phone calls, faxes, sticky notes, and administrative tasks
  • Manage more healthcare fraud investigations with the same number of resources
  • See who’s doing what in your organization, 24/7, from anywhere with internet access
  • Increase the quality and consistency of case information
  • Real-time generation of an unalterable audit trail

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