Investigation Software Solutions

Investigation_Software_SolutionsScout can solve your investigative problems

Is your organization losing money? Are you not taking as many investigation referrals as you’d like? Our investigation software solutions will solve that problem. Scout provides consistent, timely, and accurate data capture, case building, and reporting. See how it works

About Our Investigation Software Solutions

Scout investigation management software increases the efficiency of investigations. It improves the flow of information between varying staff, departments, and 3rd parties. Organizations will build cases and come to fast resolutions with our web-based software solution. According to the IRS, as many as 3,853 investigations will occur in 2015. It’s important for investigators to stay on top of their case files. Scout is a central repository for case information accessible by many parties with permission control.

Get Ready, With Scout:

  • Organize all of your investigator’s case lists in one place.
  • On-demand details on all open and closed cases.
  • Put reporting and management at your fingertips.
  • Automatically assign cases to the team.