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You value the trust your customers place in your brand.  You want to protect your customers and brand reputation. Give them the peace of mind that when they see your brand name they are getting the real thing. Nothing damages your brand and bottom line more than unfettered knock-offs flooding the market. Scout’s intellectual property software helps fight intellectual property fraud and maintain supply chain integrity. We help investigate parts counterfeiting, supplier unauthorized sales, internal diversion, grey market, and trademark infringement.

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Intellectual Property Protection

A dedicated intellectual property software makes all the difference. Scout can track your supply chain, protect intellectual property, and expose risks to distribution channels. It can also track down illegal online sales of your products and counterfeits. This includes online infringement of your trademarks, logos, domain names and other IP. We establish links between counterfeit networks, and halt online piracy of your digital products. Scout offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface that can configure to your unique requirements.

  • Speed up the rate at which intellectual property fraud investigations are processed and managed
  • Help oversight and visibility of investigations with a common platform and processes
  • Record actions related to process driven pursuit of corporate brand investigations and case resolutions
  • Save records, documents, photos, video, and recorded statements for analysis or legal compliance
  • Know where cases are in the investigation process at all times and who’s working on what
  • Catalog and track property items (samples and evidence)
  • Track and manage all relevant investigation attributes 24/7 in real time
  • Increase the quality and consistency of case data capture
  • Populate legal letters with information and evidence to support IP/TM infringement claims
  • Archive corporate intelligence related to Brand Protection efforts and findings
  • Create dynamic reports and manage data.
    • Count the number of leads, lead sources, leads that turned into cases, and cases resolved
    • Time your lead evaluation days, due diligence days, total investigation days, and total days to resolution
    • Financial Metrics: Cash settlement, investigation costs, recovery values

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