Government Fraud Investigations

Maximize the ability to receive and report on whistleblower complaints.


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Government Fraud Investigations

Scout assists those in whistleblower cases, government fraud investigation, abuse cases and other allegations. Scout allows you to assess government fraud cases in a collaborative, organized and secure environment. Permission-based access allows managers, investigators and auditors to communicate and stay organized while keeping sensitive information secure.

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Whistle Blower Case Management

Scout receives, categorizes, prioritizes and tracks each report. It ensures appropriate routing, investigation and follow up. The application will also provide detailed management-level reporting. This facilitates rapid analysis and decision-making. Complete and centralized management allows direct entry of whistle blower case information used for tracking issues reported by means other than the hotline (Open Door Policy). 


  • Prove the value of your organization with extensive management reports
  • No need to rely on your IT department – we’re here to support you and make sure your data is secure
  • Reduce emails, phone calls, faxes, sticky notes, and administrative tasks
  • Investigate more government fraud and abuse cases with the same number of resources
  • Track investigation activity 24/7 from anywhere with internet access
  • Increase the quality and consistency of government fraud case data and organization
  • Help with oversight and visibility of investigations with a common platform and processes
  • Save records, documents, photos, video, and recorded statements for analysis or legal compliance

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