Arson Investigation Software

Arson Investigation SoftwareProfessionals use Scout as an arson investigation software. It manages police, fire, arson and bomb investigations. Scout provides case management, field work, tracking, court documentation, data analysis, compliance, and more. Scout is designed for forensic fire investigators. It leverages a wide customer base to produce a case management system that is user-friendly, practical, and scalable. Our arson investigation software is flexible enough to accommodate many different organizational structures. Permission-based access allows managers, investigators, claims handlers, and auditors to communicate and stay organized.

Arson Case Management

Arson is illegal in all states. There were over 19,000 intentionally set structure fires in the last year. Using our arson investigation software gives you the following benefits:

  • Manage more investigations with the same number of resources
  • Track investigation activity 24/7 from anywhere
  • Collaborate with many parties
  • Drive organizational performance with extensive management reports
  • No need for an “IT guy” – we’re here to support you
  • Organize evidence, reports, and events

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