About Scout

Through agile methodologies, Scout defines investigation management simply.

Turn your big data into actionable data.

In a fast-paced world of information, access and analytics, it is far too easy to become over inundated with data. Scout allows organizations to make calculated decisions derived from data collection.

Enhanced Data Displays & Reporting


Inefficiency is arguably the most harmful aspect of a successful investigation. Some researches show that inefficient workflow can cost up to 30% of your companies revenue. 

Scout provides full autonomy, as it relates to controlling data output, displays, and reporting. All data that lives within Scout can be reported on. 

Strengthen your investigations & auditability 


Centralizing investigation and incident-related case matter grants organizations the ability to create stronger, more impactful cases. In many organizations, Scout serves as the backbone into how successful their strategy truly is. From the time an incident is triaged until the time the case is closed, Scout captures all activity both at the case level and platform wide. 

Seamlessly Adopt & Use


Through the use of our digital solutions, internal employees and external resources become a part of your enforcement efforts. 

By streamlining the way people interact with data upon intake, Scout makes it easy for others to participate in generating incidents. Adoption rate means everything to the success of your program and strategy.

Globalize your investigation efforts.


Your organization's incident-related matters are likely global. Scout instantly communicates essential information universally to all who have access into the platform. Communicating to your global counterparts on investigations has never been easier. Scout gives your team global access and visibility.

Real-Time Modification Capabilities


Your enforcement strategy is predicated on the tools and resources at your disposal. The days of an extended change request process are over. 

Scout grants the autonomy you require to stay ahead of your incident-related matters. Need to change a field? Add a user? Manipulate a drop-down list item? Create an entirely new department? Scout has you covered.


Unlimited Global Access


Scout is a mission critical investigative case management software solution. You are a regional / national / global enterprise that requires unlimited access, case load count, data usage, and users. It is critical that your software does not drive your bandwidth, resources, and capabilities. Scout gives you the ability to scale, but also scales with you at a rate your organization is prepared for.